Geobiology, Clearing the Land Workshops

Earth Acupuncture, Environmental and Personal Harmonizing using Light, Sound, Vibration and QUANTUM TOOLS, LightLife Technology by Slim Spurling to heal our Mother Earth

Tessie was a close student and associate of Slim Spurling from 1998 until he passed a way a few years ago.  Working with his tools and with the help of the Devas she has been clearing homes, businesses  and the earth for many years.  She offers this service on a professional basis and also teaches others how to do this work in her Geobiology Workshops.  If you are interested in a clearing or having her come to your area to teach a workshop please contact her at 928-779-3528 or at [email protected] For more information please go to her website: 

Scheduled Workshops:

Brasilia, Brazil   June 22-25, 2017   Geobiology, Clearing the Land

San Carlos, SP, Brazil   July 6-9, 2017   Heart Wisdom Workshop

San Carlos, SP, Brazil   July 21-23, 2017  Geobiology, Clearing the Land

2017 Fall Schedule for China coming soon.


In the Geobiology  workshop you will learn to clear pollution from the air, waters and land, geopathic stress, harmful energies from everything that is electric and        electronic, negative thought forms and emotions held within the land. You will learn to work with quantum tools, light, sound, vibration and Sacred Geometry to restore Mother Earth’s original BLUEPRINT, releasing Her stress in a very gentle way. 

Also, you will work co-creatively with the Devic and Angelic realms, Nature Spirits, so that They can hold the newly restored frequencies and vibrations, bringing balance and harmony to the environment and into your lives.

At the end of this workshop, you will be qualified as ENVIRONMENTAL THERAPISTS and will be able to offer this work professionally.

Our work the last few years has taken a dramatic turn with many trips to China and Brazil to work on the environment there.  Here is some information and some photos from our first trip to Beijing.  We have now been all over China in the course of 8 trips and also to Brazil with similar results.  More info to come ...

Beijing, China - Dec 25 - 29th, 2013

Clearing of Beijing was done from 2am - 7am on Dec 25

The first 2 pics were taken at 9am on Dec 24 before the Geobiology Clearing. The next two pictures were taken at 9am on Dec 25th after the Clearing was completed and the last picture was taken on Dec 28th. As you can see the air got clearer and clearer.  More info coming soon….


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Earth Acupuncture, Environmental and Personal Harmonizing using Light, Sound, Vibration and QUANTUM TOOLS, Light Life Technology          by Slim Spurling to heal our Mother Earth 


Tessie McCabe