Geobiology, Clearing the Land

Earth Acupuncture, Environmental and Personal Harmonizing using Light, Sound, Vibration and QUANTUM TOOLS, LightLife Technology by Slim Spurling to heal our Mother Earth

with Tessie McCabe

Scheduled Workshops:

Oct. 6th-9th, 2016  Geobiology, Clearing the Land Workshop in Taipei, Taiwan

Oct. 20th-24th  Heart Wisdom Workshop in Shanghai, China

October 28th-November 3rd  Heart Wisdom Workshop in Beijing, China

November 5th-9th  Heart Wisdom Workshop in Guangzhou, China

November 12th-14th  Geobiology, Clearing the Land Workshop in Shenzhen, China.

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Geobiology - Clearing the Land Workshops. I have been an international facilitator for Slim Spurling since 1998. Slim is the creator of Light Life technology and quantum tools, which are used to clear pollution from land, water and air, restoring Mother Earth's original blueprint. I not only do house and land clearings, but I also teach this new way of working with quantum tools, sound, vibration, essences, sacred waters and soils, along with the Devas and Nature Spirits in co- creation. For some years this work has taken more of a global direction, with my "Mega-Clearings ", where we clear nuclear pollution from the numerous layers of the earth and strengthen the earth's core, along with "Mega-Ocean Clearing Ceremonies".

In 2013 Tessie and I  were invited to give a concert to raise environmental awareness at Peking University in Beijing and this has brought about a rather remarkable new dimension to our work.  I’ve added a few before/after photos below to show how clear the polluted Beijing skies became after doing a Geobiology clearing. While we have always believed in the power of these clearing ceremonies, even we were surprised at how effective they were so quickly in clearing the skies.  Since then we have been to both China and Brazil many times to do clearings on the air, the waters and the ley lines to very positive effect.