Music of Kelly McCabe

In 1992 I founded a shop called Sacred Rites in the beautiful town of Flagstaff, Arizona. In my shop I have tried to express how beautifully the Sacred shines in so many ways throughout the world; how the Sacred shines in all of the spiritual traditions of the world; how beautifully the sound of a harp or a flute or the beat of a drum can move us into the realm of the Spirit. We have the power to choose to fill our minds and our hearts with thoughts of the Sacred; with images of nobility, holiness and goodness. We have the power to make this world the world of our dreams; a world of joyous goodness and compassion and peace. One good thought, one kind word, one smile, one song at a time.... My shop has blessed me in so many ways....It was here that I met and fell in love with the Shakuhachi (Japanese bamboo flute) that I play on this cd. Many thanks to Monty Levenson who made these beautiful flutes and many thanks to these flutes for bringing me so much Joy. I want to invite you when you come to Flagstaff to visit me in my shop, Sacred Rites. Let me play for you while you have a cup of tea and relax in the company of the Sacred. I dedicate this cd to my dad, Bill McCabe, whose lifetime full of kind words, songs and beautiful smiles made this world much nicer for so many.

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