Portable Monochords

As we have mentioned elsewhere on our site, in the 20 years we have been selling soundhealing instruments nothing has been more exciting to us than the use of monochords including the soundwave bed, for healing.  Profoundly simple with  many strings tuned to different octaves of the same note, they are an instrument anyone can play to bring a deep peace into their environment and into their soul.  They bring soundhealing into the hands of anyone who can appreciate its power, whether it be in a hospital, hospice, school, birthing center, yoga class or in the privacy of ones own home.  As they are strummed there is nothing for the mind to grab on to and our consciousness slips effortlessly into our heart, creating a deep peace.  The waves of sound flow through the body and gently release any energy blockages.

While nothing quite compares to the soundwave bed Sacred Rites with the help of an incredible luthier here in the U.S. has designed some new portable monochords that we are extremely happy with. They are beautiful and powerfully resonant portable, affordable and huggable monochords. 

Our 40" Monochord with 16 strings for $488. (free shipping in the continental US) is our favorite:


But we also love our small 14" Monochord with 16 strings for $288. free shipping (continental US) :