Temple of the Divine Mother


This Temple is dedicated to the worship of the Sacred shining in all of its beautiful manifestations, the Sacred which is beyond the reach of our finite intellect but at the same time shines so beautifully in all of the worlds religious traditions, shines so beautifully in all of nature, shines so beautifully in our own hearts and the hearts of all of the beings in this world. This temple is not affiliated with any particular spiritual lineage. It is our simple intention that this Temple be a place of love for the Sacred. May all who enter here feel that infinite joy of the Sacred in your heart. May that Joy and Love hold you close always and nurture you so tenderly. May that Joy and Love of the Sacred overflow from your heart touching all beings in this world who wish to be touched by that Love. The temple is privately maintained by Kelly and Tessie McCabe of Sacred Rites. Help in maintaining it is greatly appreciated either with donations or service or purchases in our shop.  Infinite love to you all. 
Please join us for Puja every Sunday morning from 10a.m. to 11a.m.

Donations to support this beautiful Temple are greatly appreciated!