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The Healing Power of Monochords

Portable Monochords and 

Monochord Furniture

30" Portable Monochord Designed by Kelly at Sacred Rites
Soundwave Bed
Monochord Chair or Singing Chair

In the summer of 2007 I was sitting in my shop on a slow day.  I was listening to a Loreena McKennitt cd and casually looking through the liner notes on the cd.  I saw in the list of many instruments used on the cd that one of them was a  Monochord.  I had never heard of this instrument and had no idea what it looked like or sounded like.  But when I read the word Monochord my heart started to flutter and it was really clear that I needed to find out more. I immediately turned to Google and to my surprise I could not find anything at all about where to find this instrument or what it sounded like.  I began to call all of my musical instrument suppliers and anyone else I could think of and no-one knew anything about them.  There were some references on Google in German about a Soundwave Bed but nothing I could follow up on.  Some months later after an intensive and futile search who should walk into my shop but Ingo Boehme, the creator of the Monochord  Soundwave Bed! He was taking it to a Sound Healing Conference in New Mexico to see if anyone there would like to work with it and he found me instead.  It was two weeks later, after the conference, that they brought the Soundwave Bed back to let me actually try it out. My life hasn't been the same since. At the time I had already been in the business of selling Sound Healing instruments for 15 years, but I had never experienced anything quite so profound as this. 


 A Monochord is a string instrument where all of the strings are tuned to the same note, often different octaves of the same note. Pythagorus apparently used them for healing in ancient Greece and said that all knowledge in the Universe can be found in the harmonics of the Monochord. It's been said that it opens up portals to the Angelic realms. Be that as it may I find that just one strum of the Monochord is enough to still my mind and without effort let my consciousness slip into my Heart.  I have been working with my customers and clients with the Monochord since the fall of 2007 and I know that the experience of most of them is the same as mine. I have never found any instrument or any technique that so quickly and easily helps us to slip into the Heart, where the most profound healings can happen.  

We still do healing sessions on the Soundwave Bed for our clients. The bed has 40 strings tuned to 3 octaves of the same note. Unlike most other Monochord beds made by others Ingo Boehme had the genius to put the strings on the side of the bed rather than underneath.  When the strings are underneath it makes it very awkward for the person playing it. With the strings on the side the practitioner can sit crosslegged with the spine straight in the position of meditation. It is a position which makes it possible for the player as well as the client  to get very deep and have a profound experience.


 In addition to the Soundwave Monochord Bed, we also have the Monochord Chairs that Ingo also designed. These are an absolute delight.  They also have 40 long strings on the back of the chair and its amazing how the deep vibrations go to and through every part of the body gently and subtly releasing any blockages. Again the design is genius. It supports the lower back very well making it easy and comfortable for the spine to remain relaxed and straight; perfect for meditation.and going deep. It is also easy for the person sitting in the chair to even play it for himself by gently reaching back one arm at a time and strumming some of the strings with the back of the thumbnail.  I often do this for a few minutes before stopping and following the sound into a deep meditation.

Besides these beautiful Monochords that have found their way into my life, some years ago I designed a portable monochord that I call the Sacred Rites 30" Monochord.  Although it is only 30" long, 6" wide and a few inches deep with 16 strings 3 octaves of the same note it has much the same deep resonance and healing properties of the larger instruments. And its portable and huggable and considerably more affordable. 

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