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~ Our Story ~

In 1992 I founded my shop, Sacred Rites in the beautiful mountain town of Flagstaff, Arizona at the base of the San Francisco peaks. In my shop I have tried to express how beautifully the Sacred shines in so many ways throughout the world; how the Sacred shines in all of the great spiritual traditions; how beautifully the sound of a harp or a flute or the beat of a drum can move us into the realm of the Spirit.  We have the power to choose to fill our minds and our hearts with thoughts of the Sacred' with images of nobility, holiness and goodness.  We have the power to make this world the world of our dreams; a world of joyous goodness and compassion and peace; a world where all nations, all peoples, all races, all cultures, all genders are respected and appreciated for their unique and special contributions to our world.  One good thought, one kind word, one smile, one song at a time.

That has been my intent and today in the spring of 2020 I look back and like what I have created here.  Whether or not it has touched anyone else (I like to believe it has) being here in this shop has been a tremendous blessing to me. Surrounding myself with the Beauty of the Sacred images and Sacred instruments I have kept my focus on the things that I love and care about and in doing so have met countless beautiful people whose presence has touched me deeply.



In 1999 to my surprise my vision for Sacred Rites expanded to include the Temple of the Divine Mother which is currently located right above our shop.  We do ceremony there most Sundays at 11 a.m. Arizona time, again honoring the various manifestations of the Sacred with flowers, music, prayers and our Love.  Presently these ceremonies are being live-streamed on Facebook on the page of Kelly McCabe.

~ Tessie Rinehart McCabe ~











A few months after starting our Temple this amazing woman walked into my shop.  We became life partners later that same year and she has expanded the vision of Sacred Rites dramatically with her work, Heart Wisdom and her environmental clearing work called Geobiology; honoring through ceremony the Sacred shining in all of nature, all the Devas, Nature Spirits, Elementals.

Many, many Blessings to all of you. 

Selfie of Sacred Rites owner, Kelly, & his partner, Tessie
A poem on infinite joy
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