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Infinite Joy

Infinite Joy is our birthright. Infinite Existence, Infinite Consciousness, Infinite Joy is our true nature. We can run throughout the Universe searching for happiness, searching for love, but that Joy, that Love resides in our own Hearts and in the Hearts of all beings in this world.

Be still and treasure that Joy within yourself.

Be still and honor the Sacred shining in the sky and the sun and the moon and all the planets; the earth and the rivers and oceans and mountains and trees.

Shining in all of the great spiritual traditions of this world; in our teachers, ancestors, parents, children, animal companions and guides.

Shining so brightly in the beautiful San Francisco Peaks rising above and blessing our mountain town, Flagstaff.

Be still and follow the sound of a singing bowl or flute, the sound of a holy mantra into the inner recesses of your heart and claim that Joy which has always been yours. With every breath you take, every thought you think, every word you speak and with your every action embrace that Joy and share it with the world. Let that Joy wash over you removing all vestiges of fear, anger, resentment and alienation.

It is time to choose. It is time to choose a world full of goodness, truth, love and light; a world where all beings, all nations, all peoples, all cultures, all races, all genders and our Earth itself are treated with respect and kindness and love.

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