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Lemurian Lost Cubit Ring w/3 Beads. Gold Plated

Lemurian Lost Cubit Ring w/3 Beads. Gold Plated



OUR NEWEST PRODUCT! Inspired and Originally Engineered by the "true Lord of the Rings" Slim Spurling. The Lemurian Harmonizing Rings are formed by the utilization of ancient measurements known as neter lengths - codes for the specific wavelengths that Spirit utilizes to manifest in 3-Dimensional form... This is how people have used this Ring technology:ENVIRONMENTAL CLEARING, AIR POLLUTION CLEARING, ALTERNATIVE AGRICULTURE METHODS, WATER IMPROVEMENT, INSECT CONTROL WITHOUT SPRAYS, ENERGY BALANCING, PERSONAL SELF-CARE, EMF POLUTION REDUCTION, ENHANCE FUEL EFFICIENCY, IMPROVE BOTH PERSONAL LIFE AND BUSINESS. Made within the perfect symmetry of the circle they are twisted and soldered in such a way so that each vibrates with a frequency or quality of light. The tensor field - or the empty space within the circumference vibrates at either 144 megahertz or 177 megahertz, depending on which measurement is utilized. 144 Megahertz is associated with the Sacred Cubit - the harmonic of the speed of light in free space; 177 megahertz, is associated with the Lost Cubit - operating on a higher octatave of the third dimensions and appears to vibrate at the speed of thought. Each ring forms a column of beam of light that extends outward from the tensor field (or plane) within the circumference of the wire - in both directions! Anything you aim the ring towards or whatever you place within it will be dramatically affected by the energies coming from the tensor field.  


Crystal not included 

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