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Lemurian Personal Harmonizer Gold Plated

Lemurian Personal Harmonizer Gold Plated


Lemurian Personal Harmonizer ™ generates a field of energy that infuses everything in the environment with higher frequencies of light.

Inspired and created first by the “true Lord of the Rings” Slim Spurling, the LPH is formed by the utilization of ancient measurements known as neter lengths – codes for the specific wavelengths that Spirit utilizes to manifest in 3-Dimensional form… Made within the perfect symmetry of the circle they are twisted and soldered in such a way so that each vibrates with a frequency or quality of light.

The Lemurian Personal Harmonizer TM is worn on the body like a locket or talisman. It creates a Toroidal field around the human body that has a radius of five to seven feet. The energy generated by the LPH acts to clear the meridians and maintain balance at a personal level. It surrounds the body in a Toroidal “tuffet” or cushion of light. Bathed in this energy, the person wearing this tool will notice that they feel better – they have more energy, more clarity, and a sense of inner and outer balance.


Crystal not included 

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